Welcome Letter

Welcome to the AGI Foundation (AGIF) webpage.

Since the mid 1990's the AGIF has raised millions of dollars to support the mission and programs of the American Geosciences institute (AGI). Simply stated, we exist to assist AGI in seeking funding for specific programs and endowments to support educational, scientific, and charitable activities that benefit the geoscience community, AGI's member societies and associates, and the general public.

The need has never been greater in this time of ever changing global geoscience challenges for excellence in geoscience education, scientific collaboration, public outreach and policy development. For over six decades, AGI has been the leader in these areas and the go-to resource for the geoscience community, educators, policymakers and the public regarding geoscience information.

Please join the Foundation in its support of AGI's mission by considering a tax deductible donation today.

Thank you for your interest in AGI and the Foundation,

Richard M Powers, PG, CPG
Foundation Chairman