As programmatic and research funding becomes more difficult to obtain, the entire geoscience community must work cooperatively on major projects and coordinate efforts to seek funding for them, rather than competing for the same shrinking dollar base.

The realities of our rapidly changing profession require professional societies to recognize and adapt to the altered needs of their members by becoming a “home base” for their professional development, training, and affiliation. Change is inevitable, and AGI will play a pivotal role in providing relevant services that strengthen the member societies and geoscience community in today’s world and the future.

Working closely with the American Geosciences Institute, the AGI Foundation identifies specific programs for financial support. Special gifting and endowment programs complement our programmatic fund-raising efforts. Individual and organizational gifts to the AGI Foundation will help ensure the long-term stability of the Institute and the success and effectiveness of its programs. These priorities reflect the Trustees’ commitment to creating a prosperous future for the geoscience community, built on the successes of the past and the initiatives of the present.