Trustee Leadership

The dynamic group of individuals who volunteer to serve as AGI Foundation trustees represent a broad range of industries that include petroleum, mining, and environmental, as well as academia. Each trustee has considerable experience in forming strategic alliances and coordinating the interests of individual donors or diverse organizations for mutual benefit.

The trustees are charged with the responsibility of seeking creative partnerships within the corporate and philanthropic community, which offer advantages to both the givers and recipients. They also seek financial support from individual donors. By assessing both the short- and long-term financial needs of AGI, the Foundation targets funding support to projects of national consequence, encourages coordination of fund-raising development among the member societies, anticipates the changing business and financial climate, and provides leadership in the growth and preservation of accrued assets.


Richard M. Powers

Mr. Richard M. Powers, Chair
Consultant/AMEC-BCI -- retired

Mr. Stephen M. Cassiani, Vice Chair
ExxonMobil -- retired

Mr. William A. Van Wie, Treasurer
Devon Energy Corporation -- retired

Dr. William L. Fisher, Secretary
Jackson School of the Geosciences
University of Texas at Austin


Dr. P. Patrick Leahy, Interim Executive Director
American Geosciences Institute Foundation


Mr. John A. Adamick
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company

Mr. John J. Amoruso
Legends Exploration

Dr. Bruce S. Appelbaum
Mosaic Resources

Mr. Michael J. Baranovic
Shell -- retired

Mr. Steven R. Bell
CASA Exploration

Dr. C. Scott Cameron
Shell Energy Resources Company -- retired

Mr. Peter D. Carragher
BP America, Inc. -- retired

Dr. Kenneth W. Ciriacks
Amoco -- retired

Mr. William E. Crain
Chevron -- retired

Mr. Daniel D. Domeracki

Mr. Michael C. Forrest
Shell -- retired

Dr. James M. Funk

Mr. William E. Gipson
Gas Investments/Gas Fund Inc.

Dr. Priscilla C. Grew
University of Nebraska State Museum

Dr. Elwyn C. Griffiths
ExxonMobil Exploration -- retired

Dr. Charles G. Groat
The Water Institute of the Gulf

Dr. James W. Handschy
ConocoPhillips Company

Mr. Frank W. Harrison Jr.
Optimistic Oil Company

Mr. G. Warfield Hobbs IV
Ammonite Resources

Mr. Paul R. Koeller

Mr. Richard E. Migues
Bechtel -- retired

Dr. Kate C. Miller
Texas A&M University

Dr. Donald L. Paul
USC Energy Institute

Mr. Thomas E. Scoulios

Mr. John N. Seitz
GulfSlope Energy, Inc.

Dr. Mark W. Shuster
Shell Energy Resources Company

Mr. Daniel L. Smith
Sandalwood Oil & Gas L.P

Dr. M. Ray Thomasson
Thomasson Partner Associates, Inc.

Mr. Jack C. Threet
Shell -- retired

Dr. Scott W. Tinker
Bureau of Economic Geology

Dr. Nick Way
ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Dr. Paul Weimer
University of Colorado

Mr. Kane C. Weiner
Texas Crude, LLC

Dr. Lawrence P. Wilding
Texas A&M University -- Professor Emeritus

Mr. John A. Willott
ExxonMobil Production -- retired

Mr. David F. Work
Amoco -- retired